Company History
Al Carbonneau got his start in insulation while working for a local company. In 1985 Al Carbonneau Insulation and Son was formed. It was a 1-man operation started in the trunk of a car. A few weeks later al got a trailor for his car. As the work continued to come in al was able to lease his first truck. A 1983 ford stake body, which he out fitted with a steel frame and canvas to protect him from the elements.

Life was Good. Somewhere around 1987 al began installing galaxie central vacuum systems along with the fiberglass batt insulation. In that same year al purchased his first blown-in machine. It was a green force two. Economically speaking the economy was booming. In and around 1988 al formed a partnership with his brother bob. They installed drywall and insulation and at one point had about 40 men working for them. Well as were seeing today the bubble burst. The economy stalled and over night A & B Carbonneau Enterprises was dissolved.
Al went back on his own and started Energy Resources Inc, however by 1991 the economy was so bad al was forced to file for bankruptcy. All was lost including the family house, we were now renters. It was during these 3 years that the Carbonneau’s were officially out of business. In 1994 Mike Carbonneau decided to take a leave of absence from what was at the time U-Lowell to take a job as what else an insulator. He promised his mother that he would go back and wouldn't you know, 14 years later still hasn't fulfilled that promise.

From 1994-1997 Mike owned and operated Mike Carbonneau Insulation Company. Mostly working for another insulation company as a sub-contractor. Finding it very hard to find work on my own. Al on the other hand had moved to North Carolina and took a job driving a truck.
Then in May of 1997 I received a call from my dad he asked if id be interested in starting a new business with him. He said he’d call on some of his old customers. I was extremely reluctant would we have enough work to survive or would this business fail like all of the previous ones had.

In June of 1997 Mike and Al Carbonneau formed Carbonneau Insulation Company. Focused and determined they set out on foot building relationships one contractor at a time. As the years moved on we added seamless aluminum gutters and wire closet shelving to our list of services. In 2008 we became an LLC and purchased our first warehouse. We’d like to thank all of our past customers for there support and would also like to welcome all new ones.
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